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Description:ALN Apartment Data was founded in 1991 to provide Apartment Locator Handbooks and computer software for virtually every Apartment Locator throughout the DFW Metroplex. Since that time, ALN has built a database of highly detailed apartment information which is updated monthly. With the expansion of the internet, ALN created the first ever web-based Apartment Locator Program and soon moved all the Locator traffic to this site. Starting in 1997, ALN expanded our services into Austin, San Antonio and Houston. In early 1993, ALN introduced a program (which eventually became what is now called ALN OnLine) for brokers, appraisers, management companies and others to allow fast access to Market Data and Statistical Analysis of any apartment in our database. Detailed listings of current rents, specials, occupancy rates and more on any property, as well as statistical informaiton of other properties in any area are also available in a quick, easy to use package. In late 2003, ALN started its expansion outside the Texas markets. Florida and Arizona were natural areas for us to target since so many of our OnLine clients also service those markets. Atlanta and Las Vegas were added in 2004 and we are now collecting the initial data for many other markets throughout the country. We now have both the ALN OnLine Program (market data) and the ALN Locator Program available in every market we service. For more information, please contact an ALN Consultant at 800/643-6416 extension 1.

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