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Description:Immersed in Internet technology for over 15 years, the staff at™ has spent over two years in development of a low cost, easy to use, feature rich, real-time lead generating tool for the real estate and mortgage industry. A common goal was to decrease inefficiency, sustainability and reduce the waste we saw with the use of paper - thus our company's namesake greenbuyerflyer™ was born. In real time our service provides prospects/leads to real estate agents and others involved in the marketing and sales processes of residential and commercial properties. Never before has the process been as interactive and immediate with the prospective buyer. "Simple and Easy" has been our filter in developing this service. We have eliminated the need for time consuming efforts on the part of the agents to create on-line property listings and have partnered with leading companies providing MLS access across the country. Our goal was to get new property listings on to the service in 10 seconds or less... and we have done it with one second to spare.

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Lead Generation, Social Media, Text Message Marketing, Video Service

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